Real customers from all over the globe tell us about their whitening results, favourite products, and their experience with HiSmile.

HiSmile Customer

Ariana Zuccolotto

22 year old Director of Social Marketing from California, United States.

“I’ve been using the Kit for years now, so I whiten once a week. The 10 minute timer is perfect for applying a face mask!”

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HiSmile Customer

Milan Mili

25 year old Event Manager from Adelaide, Australia.

“Maintaining a professional look is my priority when meeting clients - that includes white teeth.”

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HiSmile Customer

Courtney Steward

29 year old Case Manager for the elderly in Michigan, USA.

“I was using other brands like Colgate and Crest, but they stopped working. So far I’m absolutely loving the Kit!”

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HiSmile Customer

Annika Langeveld

17 year old Model from Emerald, Australia

“I’ve always had white front teeth, but now the rest have finally caught up. They’re are all an even shade now, it’s totally surreal!”

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HiSmile Customer

Laila Nouansiri

33 year old Medical Assistant from Washington, USA.

“I’ve been getting great results with the Toothpaste and the Kit, so I’m definitely going to keep buying gels.”

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