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Valentines day for the single person

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Valentines day is a day known for sadness, self-reflecting, avoiding social media and feeling ill at every love-sick photo you see on the gram!

However Valentines day doesn't have to be a dreaded day when you follow these feel-good steps for the day!

1. Pamper yourself! 

Whether that means taking a long bubble bath, giving yourself a face mask, getting your nails or hair done, getting a spray tan or going to the spa, guys this includes you too! 

2. Exercise

We know exercise isn't high on your to-do list when you're feeling down, however when you exercise your body releases endorphins which in return makes you feel happy and energised, no one ever leaves a big sweat sesh thinking "wow i really shouldn't have done that workout..." 

3. Upload a photo on your social media

This may sound like a strange step however studies have found when you upload a photo on social media your body released a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is the increase happiness you feel when someone likes your photo or sends you a text. This step is also going to remind you of just how amazing you are when you see people like your photo! 

4. Hang out with your friends!

Understandably some of your friends may be in relationships and spending time with their partner, however we can guarantee you have at least one single friend that is dreading this day just as much as you, its a good time to reconnect!  

5. Online shopping!

This may not be a good step for those wanting to save some extra cash, however buying new clothes, shoes, makeup ect is destined to make you feel good and excited to receive your goodies. 

6. Start cleaning

A good way to take your mind of things is to clean, finally get around to cleaning your car, folding that washing thats been sitting there for ages, clean your room / house. Walking into a fresh environment makes you feel accomplished and clear-headed. 

7. Reconnect with people!

Whether this is reconnecting with old friends or going through your Facebook and spotting a certain someone you used to have a crush on. This step isn't for everyone however if you don't put yourself out there you'll never know exactly who you're missing out on! 

8. Out of sight, out of mind

We all hold on to things that cause painful memories, whether thats an ex-partners hoodie you just can't part with, text messages from a failed fling or your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriends Instagram. Get rid of those items in your closet, block numbers / Instagram's that cause pain and delete text messages.

We hope these tips help you through a day that a lot of people feel very anxious about, and not just Valentines day but any bad day you may have.

Remember good things take time, and nothing worth having comes easy.  

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