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Halloween is fast approaching which means everyone will be out in full force dressed as anything from edible food, to celebrities, to dead characters and of course a cat, duh! 

But if you're like me and get stumped for halloween, every. single. year. Then keep reading to get some inspiration for one of the best days of the year! 

Fairytale gone wrong

Think of your favourite childhood character, then think what if the story didn't go the way it was meant to? Little Red Riding Hood didn't save her granny from the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella was in a terrible accident whilst fleeing the ball, Snow White never woke up, The Beast didn't fall in love with Beauty. The possibilities are endless! 

Movie Characters

Go scary or go nice, either way your costume is destined to be recognised.

Makeup, makeup and more Makeup 

Good at makeup? No need for a character as you'll look amazing no matter what!

Food isn't just for eating

Because what would be cooler then getting dressed up as an avocado for a day?!

Social media influenced

Snapchat filters, emoticons or memes are a great halloween outfit idea as they are current, on trend and extremely hilarious! 

Don't feel like dressing up? Dress your kids / younger siblings or animals up instead!

Try not to say "awwwww!!!" 

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