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Top 6 Christmas movies you need to watch ASAP

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Christmas is a time for sipping hot cocoa by the fire, eating so much food that you feel a food baby coming on or going to the beach and enjoying the hot summer (for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere) 

However regardless of where you live in the world, watching Christmas movies is a common ritual to get those festive moods flowing. Here are our top picks for Christmas movies (in no particular order, of course)

1. The Grinch 

You can't do Christmas unless you watch the hilarious movie The Grinch, this movie will be sure to put you in that Christmas mood. 

2. Home Alone 

Featuring a young boy whose been left at home battling some pesky robbers...

3. Santa Claus 

What could be more Christmas than the Santa Claus sequel? 

4. Elf

You can't miss Will Farrell in Elf, an eccentric elf stuck in the modern day world. 

5. Love Actually

A perfect holiday romantic movie, get your tissues ready!

6. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 

No need for an introduction for this funny family and the problems they encounter at Christmas time. 



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