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Top 10 summer travel destinations

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No matter where you are in the world, you're sure to be dreaming of warmer days spent snorkelling in the ocean, eating ice-cream and relaxing in the sun.

We have put together a list of top summer destinations for those warm weather lovers. 

10. The Phillipines

Because who wouldn't want to spend their day canoeing in a crystal clear lagoon surrounding by picturesque cliffs?

9. Thailand

If you haven't heard of the famous Phi Phi Islands then you have clearly been hiding under a rock. These cluster of Islands in the beautiful country of Thailand are something that you really have to see to believe. 

8. Italy

The photo just about sums it up... Crystal clear ocean lapping up on historic pastel houses surrounded by green mountains, this is really all you could ever want. Oh don't forgot that pasta, pizza and gelato is right there at your finger tips. Need we say more?!

7. Mexico

Wouldn't mind getting Mojitos served to you as you lay on cabanas on the beach, sounds like a dream? Then head to Mexico! Where the ocean meets the city and the nightlife goes off every. single. night. 

6. Australia

Australia is home to one of the most popular natural landmarks in the world, The Great Barrier Reef. And as studies have shown this beautiful natural landmark is slowly disappearing, so now is the best time to visit Australia before its gone forever. 

5. Bora Bora

Surely you've seen the famous photos of huts floating on water? Here at Bora Bora you can literally sleep on top of the ocean and take a dip as you please. Perfect for honeymooners, or anyone wanting to have an extremely relaxing time in paradise. 

4. Paris

If you'd prefer to stay away from the water then just about anywhere in Europe is amazing in summer! walk the streets of Paris and eat as many croissants as you can, this is what Europe is all about. 

3. Hawaii

Hawaii, where the water is nice but the locals are even nicer! You can't go wrong by visiting one of the most amazing states in America. You really need to visit Hawaii to believe how beautiful the scenery is and how accomodating the locals are. 

2. Portugal

The perfect combinations of beautiful beaches and activities to do on land. Portugal is an eye-sore with every corner being more beautiful than the last. 

1. Greek Islands

You can't compete with the Greek Islands, the picturesque white houses against the background of deep blue ocean is really something you have to see once in your lifetime. The sunsets in the Greek Islands are said to be some of the most amazing in the world, giving the reflection of pastel hues onto the already beautiful white and blue houses.

"When you think about it, we live in a damn beautiful world."

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