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5 Tips to keep your New Years Resolutions

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New years has just been and those New Years resolutions are being talked about left right and centre.

Maybe you'll want to lose weight (like us every year) maybe you want to save more money for that well needed holiday, perhaps you need to focus your energy on studying or a different career path? or need to be more organised and timely?

No matter what your resolution is, this little guide will help keep you on the right path.

1. Write, record and remember

Keeping a 2017 diary is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable for your actions and spending. Write down what you eat everyday, write little recipes, put down important to-do tasks, give yourself daily reminders and cover your diary in quotes that relate to what you're aiming for this year and go smash them goals!

2. Set yourself deadlines

A year is a long time, don't leave your goals to December 23rd or you'll end up very disappointed. Want to lose 10 kgs? give yourself four months and go for it! Want to find a new job, give yourself three weeks of non stop searching. Want to start a new degree? find the application deadline and go for it. The only person in charge of your life is you! 

3. Find a friend with the same goal

What could be better then working towards the same goal with a close friend. Having someone to talk to and keep you on track is a great way to achieve that goal. 

4. Set a mood board / Pinterest / Tumblr

Buy a board to put in your house or office or start a Pinterest or Tumblr dedicated towards your goal. Sometimes when you're running out of inspiration all you need is to visually see what you're aiming for. Look at your board as much as you can!

5. Remember why you started

As the months pass its easy to forget your new years resolution. "Maybe ill do it next year" "Maybe ill start next week". Before you know it time is passing, half the year is gone and for another year you've failed this goal. Life goes so fast, don't waste your time wondering "what if"

No matter what your goal is, we hope you reach them and use 2017 to its full potential.

Happy New years! 

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