Nights in with your best friends can be just as fun as those unplanned nights out.

There are so many perks of spending a weekend in with your besties, we have made a list below of ideas to have the best night in ever!

Movie marathon

Because who doesn't want to watch countless sequels of Happy Potter or Bring It On, in the comfort of your own lounge room? 

Food, food, and more food! 

 popcorn, lollies, pizza, cookies, chips and more junk food, yum! 

Face masks and wine

DIY face mask can be just as good as the store bought ones, all you need is a little avocado, oats and honey! don't forget the wine though 

Pedicures and manicures

If you trust your friends with your hands and toes then doing each others pedis and manis can be good fun and leave your hands and feet looking pretty again. 


A picture says a thousand words, remember these moments forever with a heap of polaroids. 

Board games

Monopoly, Twister, Cluedo, Uno, need we say more? 

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