How to be a healthier, happier human being

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We know how it is when you're working 24/7, eating whatever you can get your hands on, spending weekends on your laptop and binge watching Netflix.

Hey no one is saying this way of living is wrong, but we're also not saying its going to make you feel happy and proactive. 

So here is a list of things to be an overall healthier, happier human being!


I know you've heard it time after time but exercising really does make all the difference. Sweating it out gives you a boost of endorphins, clears your head and sets you up to have a great day. Get outside on your bike, go to the gym or run with a friend, you wont regret it. 


I know its easier said than done, who wants to eat fruit and veg when you can have Pizza and Donuts? uhmm.. not us! However studies have shown that a bad diet can increase your level of stress. So make a fruit salad and get to it! 

3. Listen to Podcasts

Sounds like something your dad would say? Yeah we know. However they're are tons of useful podcasts out there. Instead of listening to advertisements on the radio, pop on a podcast and get educated. 

4. Meditate

Okay so before you completely skim over this topic just WAIT. Meditating doesn't mean you have to sit on the floor for an hour without any distractions (although that is a good way to get some peace and quiet) you can meditate peacefully while doing some Yoga, that way you're getting in exercise and meditation, win win! 

5. Social media detox

Those three words are sure to scare you... however if you're addicted to your phone (and don't want to admit it) then a detox might serve you well. Turn your phone off, leave it at home just for a day or two. Logging off can often make you feel refreshed and clear minded. 

6. Exploring with friends

Exploring somewhere new in general is heaps of fun, but doing it with a bunch of friends is a sure way to create amazing memories. Hop in a car and keep driving, go on a hike, find a waterfall, swim in a blue lagoon, the possibilities are endless.  

7. Make goals and keep track of them

Whether thats losing weight, saving money, doing a few mindful things a day, seeing more friends, or work related goals. Writing down things you want to achieve, then keeping track of your progress is an amazing way to remind yourself what you're capable of. 

8. Travel! 

Work hard and save money to set yourself up financially but also to travel and see the world. Work hard to be rich in experience and memories not possessions. 

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