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Coachella checklist

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One of the most popular hyped up festivals is set to rock Indio in California next week and we couldn't be more excited! If you don't know what festival we're talking about then take a long guess...


Where the celebs come to party, hippy and boho babes rejoice and dance lovers come together. Now if you're heading to the festival (lucky you) then here are the items you cant go without!

1. Camping gear

One of the funnest things about Coachella is camping with thousands of other festival goers (besides the music of course). So remember your camping gear, blow up mattress, food, pillows and blankets because it gets chilly at night in the desert.

2. Water, sunscreen and band-aids 

I cannot stress this step enough. The desert air and hot temperatures are known to dehydrate you extremely fast, especially when mixed with dancing and alcohol. Don't get caught out having sunstroke and prepare. 

3. Plenty of clothes

Coachella is known for the outfit inspo, so prepare your outfits ahead of time. Also dont forget that the nights get very cold and the chance of there being a sand storm is very high! 

4. Be prepared to line up for the showers for hours... yes hours.

If you're camping please be prepared to line up for the showers and bathrooms for hours, especially if youre going at peak times which include the morning. Be smart and wake up early to beat the crowds.  

5. Bring back up battery

Your phone will run flat very quickly and recharge stations are often packed so be smart and pre-charge your phone batteries. 

6. Have a meeting spot 

Its very important to have a meeting spot with your friends as its very likely to lose them at some point. Be safe and keep your friends near! 

We hope this little check list helps your Coachella experience and you have the most amazing time making memories in the desert. 

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