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7 times North West started a fashion trend

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North West has to be one of the cutest little girls on the planets, with a rocking style to say the least.

If my parents were super famous style icons I'm sure I could've been rocking faux fur coats by the age of two, however unfortunately my life didn't plan out that way...

Anyhow here are the 7 times North West rocked the fashion scene. 

1. Leather, satin and runners?!

Not many adults could pull off this many different types of textures and styles, however North my girl, you are rocking it! 

2. A Tutu is never a bad idea

Because if you want to feel like a ballerina, you damn right should be able to dress like one!

3. The velvet dress trend

Matched with some sneakers and a choker, you can't go wrong with this combo. 

4. Double denim

Not many people can pull off the double denim trend, but North has got it down pat!

5. Faux Fur

This outfit is absolute perfection.

6. Dress Layers

This girl knows how to layer her outfits, please give us some nips North!

7. Rockin her Yeezy

Walking in her dads footsteps, North can master just about any style!

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